Atelier Shemi Sculpture Show

October 23, 2021- February 26, 2022

Group Exhibition; Marking Ten Years of “Atelier Shemi”  Activity.

Atelier Shemi Gallery

Kabri, Israel

Zooming Teddy; Online Studio Visit

שלושה כיווני אוויר

27/11/2020 – 14/1/2021

Group Exhibition

“Arthura Art and Design” Art Gallery

Rupin Academy Canter, Kfar Monash, Israel

Cut in Wood

Opening: 12/03/2020

City Gallery Kfar-Saba


Opening: 17.01.2020
The new gallery artists studio

TRACES – Action – Line

Opening: 23.11.19
Closing: 15.2.20

The 7th Biennale for Drawing in Israel

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Press and more

Zooming Teddy; Online Studio Visit

Dark Inclosure Artist Book at The Jerusalem Print Workshop

ענת קינן , “עקמון הבלבלת”, ספר אמנית

חיתוך-עץ על נייר ריבס (240 גרם)

מאוגד בכריכת נייר מורילו שחור (300 גרם)
גובה 23 ס”מ, רוחב 320 ס”מ (בפריסה)
מהדורה: 10

הדפס לרכישה

Interview to Portfolio magazine

I was invited to talk about the new exhibition

Press release: “Iris and Hub”

Posted on Portfolio Magazine

Alumni 2017: Bezalel, Department of Art

Posted in Portfolio Magazine

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