Graduate BFA exhibition at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Steel, Wood, Plywood, MDF, Wheels, Woodcut print on paper.

Measurements of a closed/opened position of #1 kinetic sculpture:
Width: 270 cm, Height: 250 cm, Depth: 260 cm
Width: 340 cm, Height: 250 cm, Depth: 260 cm

Measurements of #2 kinetic sculpture: 210X220X212 cm.

“Door”; Steel, woodcut print on MDF: 80X180X180 cm.

“Puzzle”; Woodcut print on Arches Paper: 140X200 cm.

The non-functional structures-sculptures were built in a non-architectural functionality, resulting in placeless, nondescript spaces. Visitors were invited to enter the structures, surround or transform them from within by pushing aside the walls connected to the exposed tracks, thus extending the boundaries of the sculptures.

Forms breathe, space contracts, or expand.
The human body takes part in the mechanism that activates the structures and creates variations in the space. The structures affect the visitors in return, creating barriers, confining them, or opening at their touch. They distance the viewer or urge him closer. They deconstruct, assemble, and disassemble at will, creating a space where the point of view is in constant change. The sculptures, in their various states, become observation devices through which space and the works are perceived.

Colorful woodcut prints, composed from several joined papers, emerge alongside the monochromatic structures. The woodcuts are repeatedly pressed under the heavyweight of the printing press and assembled as a puzzle on the paper. The wooden texture is preserved as an imprinted memory of the material on the paper. Geometric shapes, and numerous layers of paint, create images of vacant, marginal, in-between spaces, and threshold locations.