The next time I kill you…


Curator: Sally Haftel-Naveh

The New Gallery Artist’s Studio, Jerusalem

“The next time I kill you, I promise you the labyrinth made of the single straight line which is invisible and everlasting”.

Steel, Plywood, Gear-Motor, Speed Control Regulator, Bearings, Wood-Stain, Various Hardware.


The installation was created from a drawing, inspired by the story “Death and the compass” by Jorge Luis Borges.

The work redefines the gallery space and delineates a walking path within it.

The familiar space changes in the face of a six-meter-long narrow corridor with a minor curved wall, drawing the viewer in, to get lost inside the long, winding corridor.
Outside and continuously to the corridor’s arched wall, there is an endlessly rotating cylinder form.

The cylinder monument was built with a small entrance which enables the viewer to enter the interior round and to enclose himself inside a continuous circulation movement.

The two objects are adjacent to each other, and it is almost as if they wish to be linked at their meeting point.

The installation seeks to examine the interplay between the human body, the sculptural object, and the space in which it is placed.